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All websites we create are designed or re-designed keeping in mind that 85% of people use search engines to look for information. This means that we need to make sure that we have a superior knowledge of what search engines are looking for.

Let me give you an example .... What is the point of spending money on lovely printed colour brochures and then putting them in the cupboard under the stairs? That’s what I thought, no point at all.... so why would you have a website designed that does not actively get out there to be found?

Most web designer have absolutely no idea what SEO and ACL is all about and those that do, struggle with the second one ACL ( Active Cross Links ) as this is not something that can just be added. It takes a long time to build up a credible list of websites that link TO your site – this is where the value lies for search engines!

The entire process of getting traffic to your website is not one which happens over night and especially not if you register a new domain name ( that’s the bit ) as the latter will take at least 6 months to gain any credible standing out in the Internet ether where thousands of new websites are added each week.

Traffic – you need it so let’s design your website with that in mind.

Benefits of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Search Engine Optimization helps your customers successfully find your products and services online faster with less effort.

The bottom line is an increase in motivated and interested customers to your website which means increased sales for your small business, club, school or association.

  • * Improve your Competitive Edge
  • * Expand Customer Base and target Audience
  • * Boost sales / Increase your return on investment
  • * Save time and money

Improve your competitive edge

Increasing the likelihood of customer finding you online means they are less likely to find your competitors. The faster and easier your products and services can be found, the more likely you will keep your current customers and increase your online market share.

Expand customer base and target audience

Search Engine Optimization makes your site easier to find and locate on the internet. It improves your ranking, increasing traffic and chances of making sales. By expanding your market online you are exposing your products and services to more motivated and interested customers.

Boost sales / Increase your return on investment

Studies show customers are 5 times more likely to purchase your products and services after finding your web site through a Search Engine rather than online advertising. Improved site ranking means an increase in customer visits means an increase in sales opportunities. Search results get the highest conversion rates, turning your website visitors into clients.

Save time and money

Search Engine Optimization saves you time and money by utilizing free search engine services to promote your products and services. Once your web site is optimized and submitted it will continue to be crawled and indexed by search engines and is maintained with minimal effort. The more popular your site gets over time the higher your search engine ranking will become.

Search Engine Optimization Explained

Search Engine Optimization helps your customers successfully find your products and services online faster with less effort. The bottom line is an increase in motivated and interested customers to your website which means increased sales for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Features

  • • Search Engine Optimization Planning
  • • Submission Service
  • • Title and Meta tag optimization
  • • Keyword and Phrase research
  • • Competition web site, keyword and phrase research
  • • Entry page
  • • Keyword Themed Pages
  • • Site evaluation
  • • Website Copywriting. Headings, copy, and text link optimization
  • • Reciprocal Linking
  • • Paid Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Optimization Planning

Website purpose: Before keyword selection can begin, the purpose of your website must be established. Your website might be selling, sharing or persuading. What are your products and services? We need to determine who is interested in your website. Things like Demographics, Psycho-graphics and Social-graphics.

Submission Service

We submit your web site to the major directories and search engines, but pay specific attention to Google as they provide more than three quarters of all world searches.

What is included?

  • • Preparation of your site information to be listed
  • • Location of the best category for your web site (web directories)
  • • Submission of your web site to search engines and directories
  • • Recall schedule of the Search Engines automated spider

Title and Meta tag optimization

Title Tags: We optimize your title tags using the top keywords and phrases. Generally your Title Tag will be your search engine listing title and is the most important part of your web site to optimize.

Meta Tags: We will optimize your Meta tags to include your keywords and phrases, as well as your web site description. There are many Meta tags. We cover the ones that will boost your Search Engine Ranking.

Keyword and Phrase research

WD4U has special tools to determine what keywords and phrases are most popular. We determine the top keywords in the stack and rank them.

Competition web site, keyword and phrase research

A competitive analysis can help determine what keywords and phrases your competitors are using and what is working for them.

Entry page

The entry page is the main access page to you web site, sometimes called the homepage. This is the primary page that is submitted to search engines and directories. Search Engine robots will spider through the rest of your site naturally.

Keyword Themed Pages

Themed Pages have a narrow subject matter increasing page rank and search engine visibility on one main topic. Themed pages are created to target one specific subject, keyword, phrase or topic. Themed pages includes "top to bottom" search engine optimization.

Site evaluation

A site evaluation can single out issues and problems that are preventing your site from improving your search engine rank. We find locate and the roadblocks fast so they can be removed and your site can reach its search engine rank potential. Some common problems are:

  • * Framed web sites
  • * Flash web sites
  • * Content Placement
  • * JavaScript Navigation

Website Copywriting - Headings, copy, and text link optimization

Headings: Heading tags help search engines determine what your website copy consists of. We optimize them so search engines can read your content more effectively using your keywords and phrases.

Web site Copy: Just like Title Tags Content is at the top of the search engine food chain. Using your keyword and phrase list, we optimize your paragraph copy to help boost your page rank and targeted position.

Link site map optimization: Optimized links help search engines dive deeper into your site. We optimize Hyperlinks and linked text to guide search engines bots through your website indexing more content and improving your ranking.

Emphasis Tags: Highlighted tags or emphasis tags can highlight keywords nestled deep in your copy. We use these to bring those keywords to the attention of the search engine robot.

Image Alt Attributes: Images are virtually impossible for search engines to read and index so we use the alt attribute that is part of the image tag to help make reading images more effective.

Reciprocal Linking ( ACL )

Active Cross-linking or reciprocal linking is when your web site contains a link to another website and in-turn that web site contains a link back to yours. For reciprocal linking to work effectively both sites must contain a valid hyperlink to each other and sites should be based on similar keywords and phrases. In addition, the Page Rank of that incoming website link is important and to this end we have access to a proprietary Active Cross links database that has been specifically designed by our sister company iTT CONNECT.

Paid Search Engine Submissions

Pay-Per-Click means you pay for each click or visitor that connects to your site through the paid search engine or directory. Pay-for-submission carries better rewards if optimization is carried out properly.

Pay-for-submission means search engines guarantee that your site will be reviewed within a specified period of time. This can help up the listing process.

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