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We design and re-design websites ...... as simple as that! and we think we do it really well. Maybe that's why we are a Preferred Provider to the NAA, GHASA and even AA Travel.

If you want a basic presence on the Internet, or if you want a database driven website in Drupal or Joomla and you also want your website to be created in the 'correct way' for search engines from the ground up, then speak to us. We know we can make a difference and the best is that it doesn't cost more than the average competition out there.

More over, we strongly recommend using the fundamentals of Web 2.0. What is this you ask? In essence, Web 2.0 does not refer to any specific change in the technology of the Internet, but rather the behaviour of How people use the Internet and also How websites are designed.

Web 2.0 is simplicity personified

Simplicity is the fundamental recurring feature of Web2.0 with a strong emphasis on letting the information ‘breathe’ on the page as opposed to cluttering it – have a look at the cornerstones below:

• Simple focus on simplicity
• Central layout
• Fewer columns
• Separate top section
• Solid areas of screen real-estate
• Simple navigation
• Bold logos
• Bigger text
• Bold text introductions
• Strong colours
• Rich surfaces and simple graphic design
• Social interactivity

One aspect of "Web2.0" is the recent ( last 5 years or so ) resurgence in the web economy.

You feel this in the number of companies that reply more and more on their website to get information to their target audience in an inexpensive way and also being able to reach well beyond traditional borders normally associated with big business.

website design and web site re-design
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